LT3WE“The Bonsai Art of Japan” Youtube Series
Watch our popular YouTube video series for free online!  Each in-depth episode covers a different bonsai related topic – from watering to wiring to basic maintenance.  Videos are regularly added to the digital catalogue, so please check back frequently for updates.

conlogo“Continuum – A Year in the Japanese Bonsai World”
Our new full-length documentary “Continuum” is available for purchase and digital download HERE.  This film chronicles a year in the Japanese bonsai world, through the lens and experiences of Keiichi Fujikawa and his team of apprentices at Kouka-en nursery in Osaka, Japan.

masterclass1-562x376“Bonsai Masterclass – Maple Bonsai”
Introducing the first video in the brand new “Bonsai Masterclass” series from Kouka-en nursery and Bjorvala Bonsai Studio.  This tutorial film explores creation and maintenance techniques for Acer (maple) bonsai.  Click HERE to purchase.