bjorn3Thank you for visiting Bjorvala Bonsai Studio online, home of bonsai professional Bjorn Bjorholm.  Bjorn has been studying under contemporary Japanese bonsai master Keiichi Fujikawa in Osaka, Japan since 2008, and he is also the co-founder and co-instructor of the Fujikawa International School of Bonsai.

Although currently based in Osaka, Bjorn frequently travels the globe, teaching bonsai art to various related organizations and working with private clients and collections.  Bjorn’s work is also regularly featured in exhibitions and publications around the world.

In addition, Bjorn is the creator, producer, and editor of the Bonsai Art of Japan online video series.  For more information regarding products and services offered by Bjorvala Bonsai Studio, please feel free to visit the tabs above.

Thank you and enjoy!





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17 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. 今晩は!温泉で会った鍵屋(かぎや)です!(爆笑)*Tennessee 盆栽 *だけで検索したら見つかってビックリです!

  2. Hey, Bjorn
    Just wanted to say, thank you! For your awesome videos and sharing your knowledge with us. I just turned 23 and unfortunately I have to undergo a heart surgery soon:/ watching your videos has really helped me relax and find a piece of serenity from my home. So with my greatest gratitude, thank you. please keep making more videos:) God Bless,

    • Kyle,
      Thanks for your kind message! I’m glad to hear that the videos are speaking to you in a positive way. I hope all goes well with your surgery and that you’ll be back to bonsai-ing in no time!
      Best Wishes,

    • Kyle,

      I’ll keep you in my prayers brother.

      Good luck with the surgery!!!!

      PS – Bjorn, I second Kyle’s notion. Your videos ROCK!!!!! Keep ‘em coming!!!!

  3. Hi… your job is amazing, i visited youtube channel and find “Bjorn bonsai studio videos”… is great, congratulation from Xalapa, Veracruz Mexico…

  4. Hey Björn,

    My Name is Gabriel, im from Berlin/Germany.
    I watched every Video of Bonsai Art of Japan from you, your Dudes and your daily work. You inspire me, for doing Bonsai in a normal way and you make it popular with your smooth character. Where are you working now? Do you Produce more Videos from the nursery you learned in? Are you planed, to come to Germany or Europe?

    Stay Smart


  5. Hi! Greetings from Puerto Rico. Thank you for the videos, have been of great help and entertaining for me. I’ll be more interested if you make a series of tropical bonsai. That would be awesome. Keep the good work.

  6. Hi..My name is Boat. I l’d like to join your class at fujikawa school. i saw you from youtube that your bonsai is beautiful and very interesting. Please’ let me know the detail for your class. Thank you

  7. Will there ever be a time that you ever come to California for touring? Or any of its neighboring states? Watching these videos has been awesome.

    • Tyler,
      Thanks for asking. I’ll be in northern California in Dec of this year for 2 weeks, mainly in the Sacramento area, and in the LA area in Oct 2015. Hope to see you there.

  8. I have a question about studying the art of bonsai with your school. I just finished your entire series on YouTube about bonsai artand I would like to extend my knowledge on bonsai.

  9. Hello Mr Bjorn Bjorholm,
    I am French, I grow bonsai and this is my 4th stay in japan
    I saw your demonstration on U-tube
    I plan to come to Takamatsu for “Takamatsu bonsai convention”
    I arrived in Osaka October 24, 2014 and go to Takamatsu in the 28th October.
    I wanted to know if I could visit Kokaen Fujikawa in Osaka and meet you Saturday, October 25 ?
    best regards
    Philippe TURPIN

  10. Hola Borjr, soy José Miguel Clavijo de Sevilla soy un seguidor de tu videos, a falta de poder viajar a Japón para poder estudiar de primera mano de Fujikawa me conformo con tus videos por ahora, me gustaría saber cómo puedo conseguir tu último trabajo”continuum, un año de trabajo en el mundo del bonsai”, por favor contestame lo antes posible gracias.
    José Miguel

  11. Hey Bjorn

    Thanks for your youtube vids, helped me alot. I am in south africa, growing bonsai for 5 yrs now, mostly work with indigenous species. I have grown my trees myself, either from seed/cutting or stock trees from regular plant nurseries. seeing your videos really helped me conceptualize what to do with many of my bonsais. will you ever come to south africa? how can one go about studying at professional bonsai nursery?
    take care

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