bjorn3Thank you for visiting Bjorvala Bonsai Studio online, home of bonsai professional Bjorn Bjorholm.  Bjorn has been studying under contemporary Japanese bonsai master Keiichi Fujikawa in Osaka, Japan since 2008, and he is also the co-founder and co-instructor of the Fujikawa International School of Bonsai.

Although currently based in Osaka, Bjorn frequently travels the globe, teaching bonsai art to various related organizations and working with private clients and collections.  Bjorn’s work is also regularly featured in exhibitions and publications around the world.  In addition, Bjorn is the creator, producer, and editor of the Bonsai Art of Japan online video series.  For more information regarding products and services offered by Bjorvala Bonsai Studio, please feel free to peruse the site.